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Program overview
With the development of economy and society, the industrial park enterprises are increasing, and a large number of sewage enterprises bring inconvenience to the management of the park. For the air pollution and the current situation of environmental quality supervision Industrial Park, each enterprise needs to obtain emission data in real time, to strengthen the centralized management of the park environmental quality, accurately grasp the characteristics of pollution accidents and trace their potential sources.
The seven day collection technology combined with years of project experience in industrial park of reagent "point face domain" comprehensive detection and monitoring system, through the real-time detection of environmental data, collection, storage, evaluation and application, accurate assessment of air pollution, air quality status and trend of the park, to provide a scientific basis for the total pollution control, traceability, emergency and protect people's health.
Scheme constitution
Industrial Park, including the key source detection scheme resolutely discharge port detection, boundary detection, key enterprises in regional air quality testing, environmental testing car, mobile telemetry regional atmospheric components, can establish a configuration scheme for the park according to the actual situation. Based on the real time test of the data and the analysis of the software at the center, combined with the atmospheric diffusion model, the evaluation and analysis of the air pollution and quality of the park are realized.
Scheme can realize the conventional factor concentration (SO2, NOx, PM10), the concentration of poisonous and harmful gases (VOCS, H2S, NH3, HF, HCI etc.), malodorous gases (compound odour intensity) and meteorological parameters (wind direction and wind speed) real-time detection testing project, data upload and analysis.
Scheme characteristics
1 full range of detection: the realization of Industrial Park "point - Surface - domain" three-dimensional integrated monitoring and control;
The 2 point of Supervision: through the focus of pollution sources and the detection of the factory sector to achieve key pollution sources online supervision;
3 assessment: the assessment of regional air quality by continuous or mobile monitoring of atmospheric pollutants;
4 warning: using remote sensing monitoring equipment to build regional air quality telemetry system to achieve the overall monitoring of regional air quality;
5 comprehensive analysis system: combined with the atmospheric diffusion model to achieve the assessment and analysis of the air pollution and quality of the park.